Denon AVR-2805

7.1 CH Home Theater A/V Surround Receiver

Product Price $199.99

Product Description

It is hard to resist the seductive character of the AVR-2805. One of our most versatile A/V surround receivers, the AVR-2805 incorporates all the current surround formats and enhanced installation flexibility for the most simplistic set-up and operation.

Equipped with Auto Set-Up and Room EQ functionality, the AVR-2805 helps you achieve optimized system performance for your specific room. With the accompanying microphone placed at your listening position, the powerful new 32 bit floating point DSP automatically and accurately analyzes, adjusts, and sets the speaker configurations of your system. In addition, sixteen analog devices (192 kHz/24 bit digital- to-analog converters) handle your digital sources with extreme precision. Pure Direct mode was designed for those who want the ultimate in sonic quality by shutting down all unused circuitry for the cleanest and most precise stereo sound from any audio component in your system.

We cannot forget to mention the host of other features – including multi-zone audio capabilities, two assignable 12 volt “trigger” outputs, an RS-232 port for computer-controlled touch screen operation, and audio delay for precise synchronization between image and soundtrack.

If you are searching for a receiver worthy of playing hub to all but the most tricked-out systems, the AVR-2805 undoubtedly assures you the never-before-experienced high quality for which you have been searching.